July 17, 2014

  • My Cameras throughout the years.

    I was trying to update my bio for Instagram, but they only allowed 150 characters ( lame ). I know we want to be efficient in processing information nowadays, but what about for those whom wish to know more. but that is a rant for another day today is about the chronology of my cameras. Since I can't post it to IG I will post it here

    Current: Motorola X & Panasonic Lumix ZS25

    Retired: Canon PowerShot SD1000 - purchased 04/27/2008... Gifted to my cousin Jasmine, but it might have come under disrepair :(

    Retired: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8K - which I gifted to @tomimoo82 ( I hope you putting it to good use my friend ) Purchased July 7th 2007

    Retired: Canon PowerShot SD600 - Purchased 2006, Oct 15. I gifted this camera to my family in Vietnam after my 2008 visit.

    Retired: Kodak EasyShare DX4900 - My first digital camera. Was really excited about the 16mb Sd card that was included. The era of taking countless pictures without having to have a bad one has come. No more unwanted blurry developed film. I must have purchased this back in 2002 ( I was a bus driver at the time driving for CU Boulder ). I gifted this digital camera to my Parents after i purchased my SD600

    Retired: Canon Sureshot Max Date: My first camera ever. I remember bringing it home from Service Merchandise in 1993. My first shot if it was the unboxing, where my brother and my mom was carefully looking over the instructions and such. A long span of developing film. 1993-2002.

June 21, 2014

  • Revisiting the past

    The years back in the day on this Same month has had a repetativeness to it. I find myself in the dungeon off my own mind. Still yearning for something, and maybe that something week never come. And here, years later I wait still.Screenshot_2014-06-20-23-45-31

    My body like wine is getting more refined with the years. The effort I am putting fourth had showed up in ways that maybe my mind is still wrapping itself around. It is good to know, even with the setbacks there can be great strides gained and sustained.

    Michelle and I exchanged poems not too long ago, I hope that is something that can be continued, but only time will tell. I put in the effort and maybe something good will come out of it. On another note I get to see Adrienne tomorrow. Maybe she'll finally come and take class, but if not I will steel myself that probability.

    It feels good to be blogging again

May 31, 2014

  • Fatty Gout

    I wonder if all these years I have been played plagued with Gout! I wonder if this new found knowledge will allow me to be at peace with my body. It was never about rehabilitation, never about strength, but, perhaps my body being the culprit.

    I sold my nexus 4 today for $140. Ten less than what I would have been satisfied with, but I suppose I am doing something good. There was some complication, but I supposed it worked out in the end.

    I do have big plans for yoga. I just need to do the work.
    May 31, Saturday 2014

April 12, 2014

  • affinity

    The infinity is the distance it seems between the affinity for the things I feel and need be. I like the font that I am seeing. The cycle hot hard this time, and it seems hard to find the strength to move forward. Always the dance, but it and it is stuck in the center and not going anywhere. I miss things...I miss things and control is hard to come by. What to do, what misty happen...for years I tried to find the answers and yet they still elude me. Maybe it will never come.

March 2, 2014

February 28, 2014

  • Lunch with a friend

    We went to Saigon basil today and had a great conversation over a great meal. Talked about life and such, traveling and things we found fascinating. Seems as though documentaries captivates us at the moment. Learning about How money is being handled over a historic period of our lives. All in all it was interesting and many things to longer about.

    I've been kind of in a slump doing my training. Today was definitely a splurge day and it will be back to work tomorrow as normal. Self motivation can be h hard pull to swallow, bit it must be done, procrastination has taken hold for far too long...tomorrow be the restart.

February 19, 2014

  • blur

    The year is progressing astonishingly fast. Already mid February and it seems a lot has happened. I went out to the dreary to train with Kim, there was a situation down there when I told her I had lunch with Zach. I was wanting to get away from the craziness, but maybe I brought some of that craziness with me to the desert.

    I won the Colorado regionals, so that's pretty cool. Still needing to train for nationals, but will see how that goes..maybe working standing splits and crane, mountain.

    It is 430 now, will I go and do the 6 am...of should!!!

January 21, 2014

  • getting all in order

    At firestone atm getting the wheels all aligned and rotated for the long trip back it to cali. I need to find my gn and do some Puerto work in it as well so I can get the tethering ability back as well. It looks to be a beautiful day today. The sun is shining through the big glass windows and is warming my body. I can feel its warmth and it feels good!

    Looks like I'll make it out of here before yoga :-)

January 8, 2014

  • New Year

    I can remember telling my students at the studio that it seems like the year was already passing fastly by, and today being the 8th it is still having that feeling.

    I believe Natalie is recovering in Utah, but the funny thing is that my friend Dave seems to have just stopped talking altogether, maybe it is his resolution to live life more and be on fb less! If that is the case good for him, I had thought something bad had happened because it was around the New Year and all, but I see him liking some fb posts so he is alive and well.

    Tomorrow around lunch time I face and deal with something that had been lingering with me since I made that decision to do something more. I am not sure if it will bring closure out if it will bring something else, but whatever the case I will need to deal with it.

    Netflix finally released Dexter do I been watching that, the seventh season was really good, kudos to the writers of the series for making it even better than the books. Just yesterday started with season 8 so let's see if they can end it on a great note, because I been hearing rumors that it did not!

December 27, 2013

  • boredom

    The inability to entertain oneself is called boredom. I bought a lot of comics recently; play store and Amazon was having a mega sale so I decided I would buy some of the collections. Hopefully it will keep me entertained because that's what it's supposed to help me do, engage my mind.

    A date has been set for competition, instead of being more motivated I am less motivated...Maybe like the dread of knowing.