February 7, 2015

  • summary thus far

    Seems like the last time I was documenting my life is back in August of last year. That was right around the time when I was in peak condition, before I allowed myself to feel too much too fast, and then came the on-time spiral of descent that usually Yalta hold.

    A couple of months later, and now I am at a plateau of sorts. I am still making progress with my yoga practice, but I am extremely unmotivated at this point in time. I would have that the momentum of spending a month in Palm Desert, and then doing JFC right afterwards would propel me forward and continue my unwavering devotion to my practice.I have a choice, and recently it would seem my choice is to hide away from everything and find meaning in bind that present themselves as a way to quickly aid the progression of time, that turns day into night.

    The choice... make the determination to do something, anything.

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