Month: October 2014

  • New keyboard

    I am always excited when i get a new keyboard to key on , and this day is no exception. I am typing on it now and it is very responsive and fast. seems like i am having a problem with the start menu key though, i have it it twice in the last couple of sentences--but perhaps I will just need to use the wrist support and maybe that will help out or maybe just key with my wrists floating all the time. I would have to say that this is the most amazing keyboard experience and it will make blogging more fun again *hmmm *

    I return from the desert but it is tough to summon up the fervor to do my practice on a daily basis. It was easy when I was around it all the time, and now I really have to force myself to be in that environment. I will have to muster the strength to go on and train hard for the upcoming colorado regional competition. I installed the wrist support and now everything seems really good. the tactile feedback is really spot on and it doesn't require a full key press to activate the words and now delay when pressing multiple keys at the same time.

    my plant based protein shake came today. i will incorporate that into my normal dietary habits and see what comes about it. I will need to lay off the coffee, because I believe that i was is causing the gout to flare up in my knee. come on man, not self sabotaging situations, just do the best you can with everything you have and get rid of the crutches that hold you back.