August 18, 2014

  • The Signs.

    I find life a little bit funny, and to think it might not have all occurred if i choose to do it differently. Recently I have been bombarded with signs through all aspects of my life. The movies, the audio books, through specific people is guiding me towards something that I should be going towards, and yet while I think how wondrous these themes of the human-being is I have yet to to it into practice myself. I have habitually conditioned myself to have an automatic response to pretty much all situations & it is this breaking free of these bad habits that takes time. I devote myself to a life of physical practice but I do not train the mind in quite the same way. Laotzu says "Fix your mind and everything will fall into place!" So to take some time and differ myself from these pre-programed responses is something I will need to train my brain to do. My mind/body is "the greatest instrument you will ever own" And again, it is easy to write about what I would like to do---now is the time to go out there and experience it---but always good to be weary.

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  • I used to believe in the power of unconditional love---believe and be weary at the same time. so many bad things happen to good people trying to do the right thing...crazy world.

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