July 18, 2014

  • Amazing Day yesterday


    Yesterday was a great day! It started off with yoga at 9 am. Class was juice, the kind that i like. Paulina brought her niece in, and she was doing the yoga, and was doing extremely well considering. After class Christina gave me a presentation about custom men's shirts, which i found didn't quite appeal to me ( since I do all my shopping online and I have dress shirts already ).

    I taught the 12 and had 8 people ( 2 of them were teachers ). Kristin was kind enough to bring me a coco water ( she said it was picking my brain about the express series ). I usually take class with them, but found myself switching back and forth between the two. It was the first time I had Kristin in class, and she has great flexibility ( I helped her out with a couple of the postures ). She had to leave early but this is what she had to say about my class : hi :) I'm out of text/min...but totally loved your class...more to come :)

    I posted some pictures to Instagram ( it is my new favorite addiction ). I posed a picture of my shtk from nationals and she ( a representative from chikum wear ) was very impressed by it and offered to send me a a pair of shorts. I would def send out some love and do some postures in them1465998_10152345771861412_645404962_o

    Michelle texted me back- I enjoyed our conversation yesterday and we set up a time for pho after the upcoming monday yoga class. I think she's pretty cool, maybe we can be more than just yoga friends.

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