Month: July 2014

  • Amazing Day yesterday


    Yesterday was a great day! It started off with yoga at 9 am. Class was juice, the kind that i like. Paulina brought her niece in, and she was doing the yoga, and was doing extremely well considering. After class Christina gave me a presentation about custom men's shirts, which i found didn't quite appeal to me ( since I do all my shopping online and I have dress shirts already ).

    I taught the 12 and had 8 people ( 2 of them were teachers ). Kristin was kind enough to bring me a coco water ( she said it was picking my brain about the express series ). I usually take class with them, but found myself switching back and forth between the two. It was the first time I had Kristin in class, and she has great flexibility ( I helped her out with a couple of the postures ). She had to leave early but this is what she had to say about my class : hi :) I'm out of text/min...but totally loved your class...more to come :)

    I posted some pictures to Instagram ( it is my new favorite addiction ). I posed a picture of my shtk from nationals and she ( a representative from chikum wear ) was very impressed by it and offered to send me a a pair of shorts. I would def send out some love and do some postures in them1465998_10152345771861412_645404962_o

    Michelle texted me back- I enjoyed our conversation yesterday and we set up a time for pho after the upcoming monday yoga class. I think she's pretty cool, maybe we can be more than just yoga friends.

  • My Cameras throughout the years.

    I was trying to update my bio for Instagram, but they only allowed 150 characters ( lame ). I know we want to be efficient in processing information nowadays, but what about for those whom wish to know more. but that is a rant for another day today is about the chronology of my cameras. Since I can't post it to IG I will post it here

    Current: Motorola X & Panasonic Lumix ZS25

    Retired: Canon PowerShot SD1000 - purchased 04/27/2008... Gifted to my cousin Jasmine, but it might have come under disrepair :(

    Retired: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8K - which I gifted to @tomimoo82 ( I hope you putting it to good use my friend ) Purchased July 7th 2007

    Retired: Canon PowerShot SD600 - Purchased 2006, Oct 15. I gifted this camera to my family in Vietnam after my 2008 visit.

    Retired: Kodak EasyShare DX4900 - My first digital camera. Was really excited about the 16mb Sd card that was included. The era of taking countless pictures without having to have a bad one has come. No more unwanted blurry developed film. I must have purchased this back in 2002 ( I was a bus driver at the time driving for CU Boulder ). I gifted this digital camera to my Parents after i purchased my SD600

    Retired: Canon Sureshot Max Date: My first camera ever. I remember bringing it home from Service Merchandise in 1993. My first shot if it was the unboxing, where my brother and my mom was carefully looking over the instructions and such. A long span of developing film. 1993-2002.