April 7, 2015

April 3, 2015

  • After Glow ( Perfect Girl )

    So what’s been going on lately… It seems as though I am not as sad as years past… But I do feel as the years go on I am more and more alone, aloof from people, from the outdoors.

    Yesterday I watched oblivion and fantastic 4 rise of the silver surfer. Yesterday I watched Sin City – A Dame To Kill for. And a couple days before that I watched Under World -Awakening. These viewings ate all possible due to the fact that I purchased a vpn service. And today I rewatched Captain America -Winter Soldier. You’ve guessed it, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my cave.

    Yoga was good today. I managed to do mountain posture two consecutive times… It seems like a possibility that I could have it as one of my optional postures for nationals. Haven’t been “really” training…like today I left after my massage and came home to coffee and done gaming and Captain America. I said I would train after I drank some coffee, but it seems like that didn’t turn out to be the case. I did however use my new foam roller to roll out some knots in my legs and body.

    My client today was Eileen. She gave me a great compliment today, saying my massage was like a symphony of sorts. today felt like one of the days agree was able to truly relax on the table. Usually very chatty, but I tried to energetically will her to quiet, I think it worked out.


    A screen shot I sent to Linda using my g3 and themed on cyanide Rom


    Crane, elbows are straight… But not high enough on the shoulders. Work it

March 24, 2015

  • achievements

    I successfully held mountain for about five seconds and had a controlled exit today in class. Maybe it will be ready for nationals, who knows ( although the deadline is coming up soon, so better get on that ).

    I've been liking my baggy shakti capris in class because they retain the heat ( being heavier ).

February 11, 2015

  • Recently

    It was a couple of days ago that I woke up to an email saying that my discover card had been compromised. The items in question were two decline transactions from slotomania and a charge that was allowed for $4.75 fun the motel 8 ( my friend told me, maybe he bought a porno there ). So my account got closed down, and now I can't access it until a new card arrives. I wonder what other charges might have sprouted up when I want monitoring it carefully. I'll see what's up.

    Note to self: don't send important documents in the mail unless it is certified and had insurance.

    I took class today with oksana. It was good to get back into the swing of things. I'll need to keep it up and train hard, I have a couple months left. I am writing in handstand scorpion and mountain, and leg behind the head stuff. Keys see what I can make of it.

February 9, 2015

  • There is

    Tonight I feel it; I have felt it before-a potentiality within myself that has awakened because I do what I am good at and what I am good at is yoga. It is something I'll need to keep up with. It is quite something to think about, rising and meeting one's potential and shattering the ceiling.

February 7, 2015

  • summary thus far

    Seems like the last time I was documenting my life is back in August of last year. That was right around the time when I was in peak condition, before I allowed myself to feel too much too fast, and then came the on-time spiral of descent that usually Yalta hold.

    A couple of months later, and now I am at a plateau of sorts. I am still making progress with my yoga practice, but I am extremely unmotivated at this point in time. I would have that the momentum of spending a month in Palm Desert, and then doing JFC right afterwards would propel me forward and continue my unwavering devotion to my practice.I have a choice, and recently it would seem my choice is to hide away from everything and find meaning in bind that present themselves as a way to quickly aid the progression of time, that turns day into night.

    The choice... make the determination to do something, anything.

October 17, 2014

  • New keyboard

    I am always excited when i get a new keyboard to key on , and this day is no exception. I am typing on it now and it is very responsive and fast. seems like i am having a problem with the start menu key though, i have it it twice in the last couple of sentences--but perhaps I will just need to use the wrist support and maybe that will help out or maybe just key with my wrists floating all the time. I would have to say that this is the most amazing keyboard experience and it will make blogging more fun again *hmmm *

    I return from the desert but it is tough to summon up the fervor to do my practice on a daily basis. It was easy when I was around it all the time, and now I really have to force myself to be in that environment. I will have to muster the strength to go on and train hard for the upcoming colorado regional competition. I installed the wrist support and now everything seems really good. the tactile feedback is really spot on and it doesn't require a full key press to activate the words and now delay when pressing multiple keys at the same time.

    my plant based protein shake came today. i will incorporate that into my normal dietary habits and see what comes about it. I will need to lay off the coffee, because I believe that i was is causing the gout to flare up in my knee. come on man, not self sabotaging situations, just do the best you can with everything you have and get rid of the crutches that hold you back.

August 18, 2014

  • The Signs.

    I find life a little bit funny, and to think it might not have all occurred if i choose to do it differently. Recently I have been bombarded with signs through all aspects of my life. The movies, the audio books, through specific people is guiding me towards something that I should be going towards, and yet while I think how wondrous these themes of the human-being is I have yet to to it into practice myself. I have habitually conditioned myself to have an automatic response to pretty much all situations & it is this breaking free of these bad habits that takes time. I devote myself to a life of physical practice but I do not train the mind in quite the same way. Laotzu says "Fix your mind and everything will fall into place!" So to take some time and differ myself from these pre-programed responses is something I will need to train my brain to do. My mind/body is "the greatest instrument you will ever own" And again, it is easy to write about what I would like to do---now is the time to go out there and experience it---but always good to be weary.

July 18, 2014

  • Amazing Day yesterday


    Yesterday was a great day! It started off with yoga at 9 am. Class was juice, the kind that i like. Paulina brought her niece in, and she was doing the yoga, and was doing extremely well considering. After class Christina gave me a presentation about custom men's shirts, which i found didn't quite appeal to me ( since I do all my shopping online and I have dress shirts already ).

    I taught the 12 and had 8 people ( 2 of them were teachers ). Kristin was kind enough to bring me a coco water ( she said it was picking my brain about the express series ). I usually take class with them, but found myself switching back and forth between the two. It was the first time I had Kristin in class, and she has great flexibility ( I helped her out with a couple of the postures ). She had to leave early but this is what she had to say about my class : hi :) I'm out of text/min...but totally loved your class...more to come :)

    I posted some pictures to Instagram ( it is my new favorite addiction ). I posed a picture of my shtk from nationals and she ( a representative from chikum wear ) was very impressed by it and offered to send me a a pair of shorts. I would def send out some love and do some postures in them1465998_10152345771861412_645404962_o

    Michelle texted me back- I enjoyed our conversation yesterday and we set up a time for pho after the upcoming monday yoga class. I think she's pretty cool, maybe we can be more than just yoga friends.